Mobile device management (MDM) is a type of security software used by an IT department to monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization. 

Mobile device management software is often combined with additional security services and tools such as Mobile Application Management to create a complete mobile device and security Enterprise Mobility Management solution. 

The Gartner research firm defines mobile device management as “a range of products and services that enables organizations to deploy and support corporate applications to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, possibly for personal use — enforcing policies and maintaining the desired level of IT control across multiple platforms.” 

Microsoft Intune

Simplify modern workplace management and achieve digital transformation with Microsoft Intune. Create the most productive Microsoft 365 environment for users to work on devices and apps they choose, while protecting data. 

In Intune, you manage devices (MDM) using an approach that’s right for you. For organisation-owned devices, you may want full control over the devices, including settings, features, and security. In this approach, devices and users of these devices “enrol” in Intune. Once enrolled, they receive your rules and settings through policies configured in Intune. 

The scope of device management that Microsoft Intune features is huge. You can keep track of all of your employee’s devices, whether company-owned or BYOD, on Windows or Mac, ISO or Android. As an admin, you’ll be able to see the devices enrolled, as well as get an inventory of devices accessing organisation resources. There are a variety of simple ways that let you take charge of safeguarding your company’s (and clients’) assets and data. 

Benefits of Intune 

  • Support your diverse mobile ecosystem 
  • Achieve IT efficiencies in the cloud 
  • Protect data with or without device enrollment 
  • Access our team of deployment experts and get support anytime 
  • Manage your diverse mobile ecosystem from the cloud 
  • Cutting edge information protection in Office 365 


With the growing number of Android devices, Citrix is making it easier for you to adopt and manage Android devices in a consistent, secure manner. Regardless of the device manufacturer, this winning combination will save you time and give you greater confidence in meeting compliance requirements—while enhancing user experience and productivity. 

With the deprecation of Android Device Admin APIs over the next several Android releases, you’ll want to act now to develop a seamless transition plan to Android Enterprise. 

Citrix Endpoint Management and Android Enterprise

Designed for any use case 

Whether corporate or employee-owned, Citrix Endpoint Management and Android Enterprise deliver the controls you need to protect your information while enabling user productivity. Citrix Endpoint Management supports each of the Android Enterprise management modes including BYOD (Android work profile) and corporate profiles including COPE, COBO, COSU use cases. 

For BYOD users, Android Enterprise managed by Citrix Endpoint Management users get peace of mind and personal privacy while IT benefits from data security and compliance. 

Enhanced security 

When managed by Citrix Endpoint Management, Android Enterprise provides flexibility in your approach to protecting your company information.  Leverage the multiple layers of Android security including hardened security and Google Play Protection, and extend those with Citrix Endpoint Management advanced device and app management controls. 

Better Android user experience 

For faster onboarding and enrollment, Citrix Endpoint Management supports the different provisioning options provided by Android Enterprise, including EMM token, zero-touch enrollmentNFC and QR code. In addition to Android Enterprise managed by Citrix Endpoint Management, users get seamless access to their Android business apps through managed Google Play. When combined with Citrix Workspace, users also get access to all other apps including virtual, SaaS and web.  Users also get more work done with Citrix mobile productivity including Citrix Secure Mail and Citrix Content Collaboration with integrated workflows. 

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